Datacomp Sp. z o.o. is  well known and respected Polish company, a manufacturer and distributor of specialized software for the construction industry and mechanical, manufacturing industry and for the public procurement sector. In addition, we offer 3D printing and 3D scanning.


The most popular product for the construction industry (buildings, architecture) is costing program Zuzia. Another program directly related to costing and cooperating with Zuzia is metriCAD 2, which is a wrapper for the popular CAD systems. In our offer also is BIMestiMate, the first Polish class system 5D and PDFkosztorys –is  an  innovative  tool  that  eliminates cumbersome work connected with manual prescription all data  assumed  in  BOQ  saved in PDF  format  (file  *.pdf  created  as  a printout  from  the  printer  or  by the  software  for  cost  estimating)  to  any cost estimating system or calculation sheet. Another product worth mentioning is the Sitemaster BIM – a professional solution for inventory buildings. Also in our offer you can find BIM Vision free browser IFC model, which allows users to watch virtual building models.


In company such as Datacomp, can`t miss the CAD system products for design a 4MCAD – 2D & 3D design and 4MCAD IDEA- design for architects. Also to the unique products offered by the Datacomp related to the installations belong DDS-CAD program which works in technology BIM (Building Information Modeling). Likewise program Bricscad is a CAD software for computer-aided design which characterized  low price and high functionality.


ProPublico system was created by Datacomp to support the complex procurement supports the preparation and carrying out of orders and documentation of the creation of the proceedings by submitting tenders, evaluation, ending noting the progress of the contract.


In our offer you can alos find a group of  programs related to the mechanics such as Geomagic Design which is a specialized parametric software for the design in CAD 3D CAD and 2D expansions and counting sheets.


Datacomp is also a distributor of a modern ERP system – Plan-de-CAMpagne, which improved the efficiency of many manufacturing companies in business management. Its focus on the management and planning of production. In addition we offer you an innovative program for advanced production planning – dataERP.


Many companies associated with a number of documents: invoices, orders, tenders and projects. To help enterprises to manage the documentation the company Datacomp introduced to its portfolio program – M-Files, (System Electronic Document Management ), which allows you to maintain order in companies files or find the necessary documents in seconds, at the same time increasing the security of such documents.


New products introduced to the Polish market by Datacomp at the beginning of 2011 are the programs related to the rendering and modeling surface. These include a program for photorealistic rendering of 3D models KeyShot –The key to amazing shots i program SimLab oraz program do modelowania powierzchniowego i koncepcyjnego MOI 3D – Moment of Inspiration. and SimLab or a program for surface modeling and 3D conceptual MOI – Moment of Inspiration. In addition, since 2008, we have been dealing a printing 3D. In our offer you can also find a wide range of 3D scanners and scanning services 3D. In among our products we have more devices and software’s for free modeling such as Geomagic® Freeform® program creating shapes and freeform on any surface types on, a stretch of curves or even block and Geomagic® Sculpt® supported haptic devices (touch).


Datacomp Sp. z o.o. 30-532 Kraków, 24 H. Dąbrowskiego St;

tel./fax +48 12 412-99-77;

e-mail: datacomp@datacomp.com.pl, http://www.datacomp.com.pl

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