About Datacomp

Datacomp (founded in 1987) is a leading producer and distributor of software mainly for industry and the construction industry in Poland. We offer both our own softwares and systems of several leading companies.

For several years our company has invested heavily in BIM technology and now we can offer you original solutions for 4D and 5D on the basis of Open BIM, in terms of costing and scheduling. In terms of solutions that support the production we offer modern and unique software for detailed production planning. We support also the public procurement system through a package of our own solutions.


In cooperation with national and international partners Datacomp offers design system for installations, set of tools to support the production process. The wide set of programs for industrial installations, document management system and also CAD/CAM tools for machine design. Our big experience and knowhow guarantee high quality of all of our products.

The benefits of using our solutions and services have been proven on hundreds of construction projects and not only, realized so far.

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